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What's New BrandPrint?
  • New Account Management Tools to enhance the category review process.
  • Over 100 Usability Improvements to increase report intuitiveness.
  • New Analyse in Excel measures to make report creation even easier with the BrandPrint dataset.
New Account Management Tools
Acc Mgt.PNG
Based on client feedback the creation of an Account Manager group of reports has been added to the BrandPrint main menu.
Five new reports have been added to the Promotion Evaluation and Customer Investment reports with the specific aim of improving the category review process.
The additional reports include account performance reports, opportunity & size of prize evaluation and compliance measurement. 
The BrandPrint team is offering a free hour and a half training session on the Account Management reports. Please contact your BrandPrint account manager to arrange a time.
Usability Improvments
The latest version of BrandPrint includes around 100 changes all with the single focus on enhancing the experience for our users. These include:
  • Intuitive ‘Drill Thru’ buttons that enable users to explore more information by selecting a product or customer on the page.
  • Additional trend tables, views and hovertips as requested by users.
  • Speed and formatting improvements that take advantage of new features in Power Bi. 
BrandPrint’s continual improvement process starts with feedback from clients. Many suggestions are simple but can have a big and positive impact on usability  - please keep the suggestions coming! 
New Analyse in Excel Measures
For the keen analysts, the 'Analyse in Excel' facility has been expanded considerably with additional measures.
The measures increase the speed and ease of building reports while maintaining the ‘one version of truth’ when connected to the BrandPrint dataset. 

Enquire with your BrandPrint account manager for additional training on Analyse in Excel and creating reports in Power BI with the BrandPrint dataset.
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