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Brandprint Modules

Business Performance Hub

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Business Management

Sales & Customer Management

Ranging Opportunities

New Product Launch Monitoring

Customer Relationship Management Insights


Business Management

If your conversation on business & sales performance doesn’t include all of these metrics, you need to speak to Brandprint today.
  • Total volume and value

  • Volume and value per outlet (VPO’s)

  • Number of outlets purchasing

  • Growth drivers

  • Customer churn

  • Average ranging

  • % Distribution of sales universe

  • Total listings by range by SKU


Sales & Customer Management

BrandPrint’s Sales & Customer Management module is focused on identifying sales opportunities and creating customer-centric actions. It’s all about the ‘do’ for the territory manager with a self-service delivery.
  • Intelligent outlet specific suggested ranging to maiximise sales opportunities

  • Followup customers with due purchases to minimise product delistings 

  • Call customers with significant new product listings to encourage sell-through

  • Manage sales rep KPI's in line with the business management module.


Ranging Opportunities

How good is your sales force at selling across your brand and product range? Are you setting ‘ranging’ targets?
Selling more products to your current customers is the most efficient way to build sales.

New Product Launch Monitoring

Get an accurate gauge on the long-term success of your new product early in the launch phase.
Identify customers who are trialist and your champions with high repeat purchase conversion rates.

Benchmark Repeat Conversion Rates


Customer Relationship Management Insights

Move beyond the operational reporting of your CRM system to identify new insights and efficiencies for your sales force management.
BrandPrint’s CRM module is designed to complement and significantly enhance the management reporting of your existing CRM system.
BrandPrint Bespoke

Performance Hub

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BrandPrint Bespoke
Make all your data make sense, make it usable and available in one easy to use interactive Hub.

Imagine the new insights revealed and the time savings of having all these key data sources in one interactive and intuitive Hub

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Brandprint brings decades of experience in information strategy, analytics & insights into your business to deliver immediate and measurable benefits.
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